Core value

► Leadership, excellence, overcome and the spirit of victory: Strong, different when working and leading the excellence, do not give up and always strive for the purpose of work. Work far and wide, have a strategy, lead yourself and lead a successful team.

► Fairness, integrity, loyalty and morality: impartiality, justice in judgment and behavior. Live ethic and work with the highest spirit of service.

► Discipline, solidarity and teamwork: Exemplary discipline in organizational discipline and national law. In the organization, volunteer to cooperate and encourage solidarity, teamwork, teamwork.

The professionalism, the spirit of learning, self-improvement: Continuously learn, create, improve their skills, build professional level and always perfect themselves, ready to spread tri Awake, experience for the organization and society.

► Savings and efficiency: Apply effectively knowledge, skills and devotion, focus on goals, sense of savings, orientation to the highest productivity.

► Community and environmental responsibility: Live, work responsibly with the organization in which you work, with your country, ethnicity, family and living environment.

► Satisfaction, happiness: Towards material and spiritual success for members and partners.