about us

Who are we?

We is proud to be a distributor for more than 60 reputable and quality manufacturers in the world (France, Germany, Spain, USA, Japan, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, UK,…) in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, chemical, feed.

Established on 19/04/2007, We has been constantly developing to bring the best products and services. Initially representing only 6 suppliers with about 20 customers, we have become a reliable partner of more than 60 reputable suppliers worldwide.

Management philosophy

We management philosophy is based on mutual responsibility and respect. We are committed to creating a work environment that encourages creativity and breakthroughs that will make we the leading distributor in the market.

We goal is to attract active individuals who want to work, have the sense of responsibility and discipline to achieve the best results. In order to attract such talented people and qualities, we build a corporate culture that promotes our unique identities and different paths of action.We sets business goals based on reality and is in line with the expectations of all members, but is also very fierce to achieve those goals and expectations, Well-deserved benefits for employees.


21 Nguyen Trong Tuyen Street, 21 Ward, Tan Binh District, HCM City
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Hanoi office

Floor 5, 59 Xa Dan Street, Phuong Lien Ward, Dong Da District, HaNoi
Tel: (024) 123 45 678 | Fax: (024) 123 45 678